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Keeping Weapons Out of Pride

  The Vancouver Pride Society (VPS) has asked the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) not to march in uniform during the 2018 Pride Parade. The controversy that has erupted, as it has in cities across Canada, is proof that Pride remains an important political movement in our society, and for the LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, […]

Pride House Vancouver Revisited

  We are very excited to be having another screening of Beyond Gay in Vancouver, commemorating its premiere here at Pride House during the 2010 Winter Olympics. This screening is taking place during the 2014 Winter Olympics on February 22nd at 9 PM and it is being hosted by Reel Causes and our friends at […]

Russia, Boycotts the IOC and me.

It’s hard to believe it has been over five years since I was attacked on the streets of Moscow while filming a gay rights demonstration for my documentary Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride.  It is the only time I have ever been physically gay bashed, so it’s no wonder the memory of those days […]

Celebrate Queer Vancouver with a Screening of Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride on July 24th

Well we were only in New York for four days and they legalized same-sex marriage.  Ahh the magic of film. It’s true though, we had an amazing screening at 92Y Tribeca on Tuesday.  On Friday caught up with many of our friends from the Drag March and just as we finished our march through the village, […]