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Next Stop Stockholm Sweden

The Big Gay European Adventure Continues in Stockholm Sweden.  Stockholm Pride will be begin July 27th and wrap up on August 1st with the parade and festival. This is the largest Pride festival in the region and I’m excited to see how it unfolds in this very socially progressive country. I am already in Sweden, [...]

Freiburg Germany is going Beyond Gay

As part of this whirl wind European tour Christopher Street Days Freiburg is screening Beyond Gay tonight at the CinemaxX Theatre. This is the launch of their CSD with a parade and the bulk of parties and events taking place on July 17-18. Freiburg is a beautiful little city on the edge of the Black [...]

Hot Docs 2012

For the last 10 days Toronto has been bustling with doc filmmakers for the annual Hot Docs Film Festival.  With over 180 films, meetings, seminars, and the forum, there is a lot to take in. The highlights for me were the charming Italy – Love it or Leave it and the heart wrenching Call Me [...]

Paint the Town Pink.

Tomorrow the 23rd annual Vancouver Queer Film Festival gets under way and I am so freakin excited. I had the pleasure to create the festival’s trailer this year with long time festival supporter James Goodman, and also wrangled Mike Wiskar, composer for Beyond Gay, to create the super fun music track.  It also stars the [...]