The courage to make love equal.



Big news in the UK this week with equal marriage laws getting the stamp of approval from her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and British Prime Minister David Cameron released a passionate statement with PinkNews  

Exclusive: I am so proud we have had the courage to make love equal by David Cameron –


The laws only pertain to England and Wales, the Scottish marriage bill is still at stage one of the house of parliament’s consideration, so it seems like 2014/15 may be the earliest same sex couples in Scotland will be able to marry. I am in a bit of a snit about this due to my Scottish heritage.


Luckily I am here in Canada and I attended an amazing wedding this summer. About 75 of us all went camping for it. We hiked, kayaked, and swam in a beautiful lake. Families and friends from both sides with kids and dogs. Then on a bight sunny afternoon two men pledged their love and commitment to one another in a beautiful meadow beneath snow capped peaks. That night their parent’s made passionate speeches and their friends teased them with old photos and childhood stories. We roasted marshmallows over the campfire and slept in tents. It was the most natural, laid back, fun, traditional yet unconventional wedding I have ever attended. I loved it and I think everyone realized that this was truly a special moment in all our lives. We experienced the feeling of love and the freedom to express it fully. Here’s hoping everyone, everywhere will have those rights soon.  To the Grooms! (And Dave and Liz)

Tilda Swinton Holds Rainbow Flag In Moscow In Defense Of Russia’s Gay Community

A photograph of Academy Award-winning actress Tilda Swinton defending Russia’s beleaguered lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community by holding a rainbow flag in front of Moscow’s Kremlin is going viral in the blogosphere.

The star, who nabbed an Oscar for “Michael Clayton” in 2007, reportedly released the following statement on the photograph via her spokesperson: “In solidarity. From Russia with love.”

Swinton’s bold move comes at a particularly critical time for Russia’s LGBT residents. Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a so-called “gay propaganda” bill into law which imposes large fines on residents who “provide information” about the LGBT community to minors, according to The Guardian. Similar laws had already taken effect in St. Petersburg and other cities.

Meanwhile, Putin also signed a law banning same-sex couples in foreign countries from adopting Russian children on July 3.

Other celebrities have courted controversy by speaking out in defense of Russia’s LGBT community in recent months, including pop superstars Madonna and Lady Gaga.

In more inspiring news, a float dedicated to LGBT residents in Russia and other former Soviet republics made a much-anticipated debut in New York’s Pride Parade on June 30.

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NYC Pride

Well, it’s hard to believe that it’s been five years since I met in Tompkins Park for my first NYC Drag March. I was shamefully under dressed and naive about the powerful impact it would have on me.  Nor could I have guessed that three years later I would return to screen the film and march again -properly adorned in a rubber wig – on the same night gay marriage was legalized in New York State.   And now here we are, another two years later, with DOMA and Prop 8 overturned on the eve of what is sure to be another extra celebratory Pride in NYC. In honour of all these achievements, and tonight’s sure to be splendid Drag March to the Stonewall Inn, I share with you the 2008 Drag March scene from Beyond Gay.   It’s one of my all time favorite memories and most definitely one of  my favorite scenes in the film. My love and gratitude to Gilbert Baker, Hucklefaery ken, and all the other drag marchers, have a fabulous Pride, and Thank-You, Thank -You, Thank-You for memories I will cherish always. I will be in Victoria BC for the inaugural Reel Queer Film Festival this weekend, sharing the whole film with with our LGBT family on Vancouver Island Sunday night.  Have a great weekend, Happy Canada Day and Happy Pride!

Places We’d Like to Go- Tel Aviv Pride!

Our film covered a lot of ground in a short time but people always ask us why we didn’t go here or didn’t go there. With so many events happening at the same time it was difficult to make choices and in the end we followed our beloved protagonist Ken and told his story of activism and pride.

We still wish we could have covered more and maybe if we do a sequel we will. In the meantime, here’s some recent footage from Pride in Tel Aviv, Isreal, which just happened today.

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Tel Aviv Pride 2013, in Videos

Tel Aviv, the most liberal city in the Middle-East (and some say, the world), celebrated Pride today, with a parade through the city streets and a huge beach party. Numbers for this year’s pride have surpassed all previous years with around 100,000 people taking part, including an estimated 20,000 foreigners.

I was at Tel Aviv Pride last year, and I can honestly say this is one of the best Prides in the world! The people are friendly and welcoming, the guys are fun, friendly and hot! Here’s a selection of videos from today, and links to our Tel Aviv Gay Guide:

Travel Guyd: Tel Aviv, (Part 1): Background, local gay population, the gay beach

Travel Guyd: Tel Aviv (Part 2): Gay nightlife and cruising

Travel Guyd: Tel Aviv (Part 3) Culture, hotels and eating out

Here’s a great video of today’s Pride Parade:

Here’s a video of the gay Hilton Beach yesterday (named after me of course). Just check out those hotties!

Another video from today, with a very gay-friendly message from the US Ambassador: