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Keeping Weapons Out of Pride

  The Vancouver Pride Society (VPS) has asked the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) not to march in uniform during the 2018 Pride Parade. The controversy that has erupted, as it has in cities across Canada, is proof that Pride remains an important political movement in our society, and for the LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, […]

Iceland Flashback

As you may remember, this summer Beyond Gay went on an amazing tour in the Nordic Region. Helsinki, Stockholm and Reykjavik all screened the film during their Pride festivals, and I was able to participate at them all. The last stop, Reykjavik Iceland, was one of the most magical Pride experiences I have had in […]

Innovation Infusion at VIU

Coming up on October 22nd Beyond Gay will be screened at Vancouver Island University, as part of the Innovation Infusion at the World Leisure Centre of Excellence. I was really pleased to learn that the film is being used  in their Department of Tourism and Recreation Management. After the film I’ll be presenting some of […]

Pride the Perfectly Swedish Way

Some reflections on the Big Gay Nordic Tour are being published by DailyXtra. Here is how Stockholm Pride rocked my world … ever so gently. Stockholm Pride: the Swedish way to be gay How gay-friendly can Sweden be when you’re expected to fit in, not stand out?   The Swedish word lagom translates to adequate, or the […]