Big Gay Pride Tour Grand Finale!

If you haven’t yet figured it out, this summer I’m the proudest gay on the planet. Last week was Stockholm Pride and it was amazing. What a great city, so many nice people, and great mix of activism and celebration. There’s a lot I can tell you about that, but really that was so last week, I’ve already moved on to Iceland for Reykjavik Pride!

Reykjavik Pride Guide

Once again the the first thing to do is send props out to the Canadian Embassy here for spearheading this whole tour, and in particular the screening which is tonight at 5:00 PM. (Find out more here) After the screening the Canadian Ambassador, Stewart Wheeler, and I will be hosting a discussion. Did you know that Iceland decriminalized homosexuality in 1940? In fact it’s safe to say this little country in a world leader in LGBTIQ rights.  The Pride Guide is 68 pages long! I’ll tell you more about that later too, I have to dash off to the cultural centre to set things up for the screening. Happy Pride from Reykjavik!

Reykjavik Harbour 11PM

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